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Psychic Self Defense

The term "Psychic Attack" actually covers a broad spectrum of situations in which one individual, the aggressor, deliberately projects a clearly defined malicious intent upon the non-physical person of another, the victim. To differentiate, the intended results of the attack may affect the physical body through disease or death, but the attack itself is aimed at the non-physical planes of the human energy field. Psychic attacks range in complexity from a very brief, but highly emotionally charged anger or hatred with a "wish" for some clearly defined negative consequence, to the very elaborate, ritualistic practice of malicious sorcery. Although the practice of psychic attack covers such a broad spectrum, the principles of psychic self-defense are much more universal. Once you have "mastered" the techniques of psychic self-defense, and in the absence of some vastly superior power, the application of basic psychic self defense will work.

WARNING: If you believe yourself to be the victim of a psychic attack originating from a professional sorcerer, I strongly urge you to seek qualified professional assistance immediately. In the event that someone has gone to the expense of employing a professional sorcerer against you, you may rest assured that they are deadly serious about your demise. Professional attacks are EXTREMELY costly, and not to be taken lightly. Psychic attacks that originate from such a source are well beyond the capabilities of the inexperienced or the amateur. SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!

To understand psychic attack, we return to the "Five Principles of Universal Magick". The five principles are:


In a "Psychic Attack", the DESIRE aspect of the magickal act is based not only on the aggressor's desire to inflict an attack, but on the motive for the attack as well. It is important to understand that a psychic attack is normally a deliberate act, usually in response to some perceived action on the part of the victim. Since psychic attacks are based solely on the aggressor's perception of a person or situation, the attack and the motive may have no basis in fact. This does not prevent the aggressor from feeling justified, if not benevolent, in initiating the attack. Because of this "perception factor", many victims either never realize that they have been targeted, or fail to accurately grasp the motive or the severity of such an attack. In only the ugliest motives of greed or maliciousness are psychic attacks totally unprovoked.

The INTENT aspect of the psychic attack is the clearly defined result or outcome of the attack. This can include virtually anything that you can think of, including extreme financial loss and even death. In the magickal act of psychic attack, the more forethought and clearly defined programming the aggressor completes, the more successful the assault will become, lacking any adequate defenses by the intended victim. To be most effective, the attack should include such programming as the time and place of the assault to produce maximum vulnerability, the victim's point of vulnerability, the programmed objective and method of execution, and the post-attack dissipation of the energy or projected thought form.

In the ALIGNMENT aspect of the psychic attack, the aggressor must eliminate any internal conflict within himself/herself regarding the intended act. Internal conflict, as it relates to psychic attack, is normally generated when there is a moral issue associated with the intended act. The purest act of magick will manifest with the greatest expectation of success when there is no internal conflict. Any internal conflict will have a proportionately negative effect on the aggressor's chances of success.

RITUAL is the aspect of the magickal act that generates and focuses the power necessary to accomplish the attack. Rituals can be as simple or as complex as the practitioner chooses or requires, but the function is always the same. Frequently, in the creation of a psychic attack, the aggressor uses a likeness of the intended victim in the form of a doll called a "poppet". To achieve the maximum connection between the magickal act and the intended victim, the aggressor will attach any available personal items of the victim, including hair, clothing items, jewelry, etc. This doll, now having "become" the intended victim, becomes the focus of all the power and intent of the aggressor.

Having now completed all of the steps of the magickal act, the aggressor has only to watch and wait with EXPECTATION for the psychic assault to take its course. In association with the psychic attack, this is a good time for the aggressor to set up whatever protection is required in the event that the victim successfully repels the attack and the attack is turned back against the aggressor. This is a mistake that many who practice psychic attack make, thinking no one would dare oppose them or even have the power to oppose them. This mistake can be fatal.

This is a very brief summary of the process of creating a psychic attack. For obvious reasons, no further explanation will be given, but this should give you, the intended victim, an idea of the process an aggressor will use to bring negative forces against you.


The symptoms or affects of a psychic attack are very individual. Where and how the attack will affect the intended victim is individually programmed by the aggressor. There are, however, some general warning signs that may be an indicator of a possible attack. Remember, any one of these warnings alone may or may not indicate a psychic attack in progress. If you are fortunate, the aggressor may be foolish enough or confident enough to make their intentions very clear. This is generally not the case. Lacking any formal notification from the aggressor, the individual is left to use reason and intuition to determine the presence of such intent.

General warning signs might include, but are not limited to:

1.) A feeling of weight pressing down on your while you are asleep or dreaming.
2.) A continuous and intensifying sense of oppression or fear while awake.
3.) Nervous exhaustion or wasting away to "skin and bone" when there is no medically diagnosable physical cause.
4.) Being terrified of going to sleep due to constant, repetitive nightmares, particularly where you are constantly being chased or assaulted.
5.) The feeling of being stalked by someone other than a physical person.
6.) Obnoxious odors that come and go with no apparent physical cause. (These odors will be noticed by anyone who is around when they are present.)
7.) A sudden and inexplicable desire not be to alone. (This is not the ordinary aversion to loneliness, but an obsession not to be left alone for even the slightest moment.)
8.) Inexplicable outbreaks of fire or fever. (This is often associated with elemental activity.) This affect is often associated with someone practicing ancient culture specific magick, in this case, ancient Egyptian.
9.) The intuitive or visible presence of a manifest thought form. (similar to a ghost, but man-made.)
10.) An inexplicable numbing, followed by paralysis, beginning at the feet and extending gradually up the body.
11.) The rapid and inexplicable onset of constant choking or suffocation.
12.) Sudden and inexplicable losses. This may be by financial down-turn or mysterious theft.
13.) Sudden and inexplicable pestilence, such as flies, spiders, snakes or other undesirable insects and creatures.

Remember, the affect may be anything the human mind can conceive and the aggressor can generate enough power to manifest.


Like the assassin plotting the attack on his next physical victim, the psychic attacker plots the attack on his intended victim. In order for the psychic attack to be successful, it must penetrate the victim's consciousness and implant itself deep within the subconscious, where it alters the victim's "illusion of reality". Attached and rooted deep within the subconscious, the psychic attack spins its web around the victim's very thoughts and beliefs, altering and disrupting normal patterns in such a subversive way that the psychic attacks presence is almost imperceptible. By the time the attacks effects become noticeable, the damage is well established and advanced. The carefully programmed attack is now one with you.

How the attack penetrates the subconscious and establishes itself depends on the victim's vulnerabilities. The entire human system is a complex bio-electro-magnetic field. The psychic attack is a projected thought, an energy form carrying a magnetized imprint of a malignant pattern programmed to disrupt a specific energy pattern within the intended victim's subconscious. It really does not matter how the attack penetrates the subconscious, its presence by whatever means is sufficient. Psychic attacks are always the product of some form of suggestion. Suggestion simply means that a message has bypassed the conscious mind and was planted directly in to the subconscious. This is the entire basis of subliminal programming for weight loss, to quit smoking, become motivated, or overcome a terminal disease. But suggestion is a two-edged sword. The subconscious mind, as we discussed in the "Anatomy OF A Magickal Human", does not analyze or judge incoming data. It simply acts on the information that is programmed and imprinted within it.


The auric layers are actually egg-shaped, luminous energy fields that completely encapsulate the physical body in ever-expanding layers of higher frequency energy fields. Each layer can be defined by location, color, brightness, form, density, fluidity, and function. The layers are connected to the organs and biological systems of the body through a series of energy vortices called "chakras". The "auric layers" correspond to the chakras, in that the closest layer to the physical body is the first layer, and is connected to the first chakra. The second layer is connected to the second chakra and is the second layer out from the physical body. The chart below shows the location of each chakra and the associated organs and/or biological systems.


Beginning with the genital area "Root" chakra, the seven layer, seven chakra system looks like this;

Layer One, Chakra One - the Base or "root"- autonomic function, sexual energy, regeneration and creative drive.
Layer Two, Chakra Two - the sacral - endocrine system, emotional aspects of human consciousness, purification, metabolism, and immunity.
Layer Three, Chakra Three - the Solar Plexus - sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands, body energy, circulation and general mood. Also intellectual thought & linear reckoning.
Layer Four, Chakra Four - the Heart - the Thymus Gland, associated with love, both individual as well as humanitarian.
Layer five, Chakra Five - the Throat - the higher will and the power of the spoken word, ability to speak our truth, and taking responsibility for our actions.
Layer Six, Chakra Six - the Third Eye - the Pituitary Gland - visualization and psychic powers.
Layer Seven, Chakra Seven - the Crown - the Pineal Gland - connection to your higher self as well as the Other World and the Divine. It is our connection with the higher mind, and the integration of our spiritual and physical makeup.

Any incoming psychic attack must attempt to access your sub-conscious, and thus your conscious reality or your physical body through one or more of these channels. The object of the psychic attack is to disrupt the natural harmony within your body and/or your illusion of reality. In some cases, by creating a disruption within the body, the aggressor either intends to inflict pain, suffering, or death. In other cases, the aggressor intends to create a disruption in the harmony and continuity of life's natural events. In the most severe cases, the aggressor may actually intend to create such disruption and exert such control over you as to actually "own" you (steal your soul.)

It is important to understand that the creation of these advanced forms of psychic attack are generally well beyond the range of the average person, even well beyond the range of the average "New Age" practitioners. The knowledge and power required to perform advanced magick comes from a lifetime of occult practice.


I am always amused at the variety of techniques that people espouse to protect them from "evil". One of the most common that I am aware of is the "visualized protection" technique. This system includes visualizing yourself surrounded in a bubble of light or using a mirror or reflective surface to reflect the attack back to the aggressor. In my mind, visualizations are very much like affirmations, especially those affirmations used to treat terminal disease. What is the difference between those who successfully use affirmations and survive, and those who use affirmations and die? I believe the answer is very simple. Those who use the affirmations in conjunction with the FIVE PRINCIPLE LAWS OF UNIVERSAL MAGICK, as stated above, and do so with sufficient emotional power to imprint the desired reality on the subconscious live. Those who repeat sentences and phases die!

It is the same with Psychic Self-Defense. Any system lacking sufficient power to reach and affect the subconscious mind will fail. It's that simple. The successful psychic attack reached and affected the victim's subconscious, radically altering the reality of the victim. You, as an intended victim, must create a system equally capable of accessing the subconscious and re-aligning reality. If you have done everything correctly, following the steps outlined above, and no greater force opposes you, you can expect your efforts to be successful. However, a warning again - if you are not successful, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance immediately.

A final way to stop a psychic attack and to protect oneself from a psychic attack is through the use of Angels. These may be Guardian Angels, those who were assigned to you before birth and remain with you throughout your life. Other Angels may be called upon to help you. If the attack is severe, one may resort to asking one of more Archangels for help. For a discussion of Angels and communicating with them, click on the links in this paragraph.


I have taught many people my favorite visualization defense. I believe this visualization has power, aside from the emotional factor, because it truly symbolizes shielding. The subconscious relates to symbols. In one of the Batman movies, we get to see Batman's car. One of the most awesome features of this car is it's shield system. When Batman requires shields, he presses a button and instantly an armor plate envelopes the car. What symbolic power. Now imagine yourself, on symbolic command, completely engulfed in a huge plate armor cocoon. But this is not all. Remember the power of emotion. We must now charge and reinforce that armor. Raise your emotional level, directing all the power generated into those shields. Feel the power flowing through you and around you. Feel the shields come up and slam into place. Hear them lock into perfect position. Experience the moment. Feel it. Practice it. Memorize it. Empower it. Reinforce it. Then drop your shields and start all over again. You must be able, on command, to generate the required power to activate and reinforce your psychic shields. The subconscious has the power to do that. But it must be programmed to respond instantly to your thought command. Practice your shields until there is no doubt in your mind that you can generate power and activate shields on command.


In Max Freedom Long's book, "THE SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES", Max relates a story about a young Hawaiian man who inadvertently fell victim to the Huna Death Chant by breaking his village's taboo of having contact with white people. The white man, being familiar with the ways of Huna, recognized the advancing symptoms of the Death Chant and set about to release his young victim friend. The story relates that the white man WORKED HIMSELF INTO A FRENZY OF EMOTION, working feverishly over the young man, pleading the innocence and youth of the victim versus the wickedness and maliciousness of the aggressor. The white man worked constantly and tirelessly in this frenzy of emotion, until at last HE FELT THE SPELL BREAK. Exhausted and wrung out from emotion, the white man collapsed. But immediately the affects of the Death Chant on the young man reversed its course until it was all gone and the young man regained his strength. The story concludes with the fate of the Kahuna aggressor. At the same hour that the spell released it's intended victim, the Kahuna began screaming and staggering about the village, wailing that he had failed to protect himself from his own spell and that it had come back upon him. The Kahuna, needless to say, died the slow and agonizing way of the Huna Death Chant.

This is a classic example of the force of emotion, the pure force of will, and the wisdom that is required to break such a spell cast properly. Psychic Self-Defense is not about fantasy warfare. It is about survival of the fittest. You dare not fail.


Many of today's religions have a creed to the effect, "And if it harm none, do as you will". Shamanism has no such creed. A shaman is as equally adept at the dark side as he/she is at the light side, and uses whatever means is necessary to accomplish his/her task. In the Shamanic tradition, if you are struck by an aggressor, you are bound to strike back with sufficient force that the aggressor will never desire to assault you again, in the event that he/she is still able. In your life and in your magickal works, never show ignorance or weakness. Do all that you do from the most advantageous position you can achieve. Know your allies, and know your enemies. NEVER OVER-ESTIMATE YOUR OWN POWER. NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE OPPOSITION. NEVER FAIL TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN ALL THAT YOU DO. Be constantly aware of your own feelings and intuitions. If something "feels" out of place, examine it. You notice that I constantly refer to intuition and feelings. That is because by the time logic and conscious awareness engage, precious time has elapsed. Logic is based on empirical data, and that can be extremely limited and erroneous. It is far better to trust your intuition and be "wrong", than wait for conscious awareness and be trapped. 

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