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A Rainbow of Spirituality

The Pig Totem

The pig moves swiftly and with determination. It intuitively knows the best reaction to various situations. If the pig is your personal totem, learn from its determination and swift motion to take the right actions in your life.

The Greek earth fertility goddess, Demeter, kept a sacred pig which became a symbol of fertility.

Native American Indians recognize the pig as a symbol of the abundance of daily life and believe that it teaches us to celebrate life and share it with others.

The pig is a strong symbol of luck. If you need more luck in financial matters, the pig provides prosperity in abundance.

Manannan, the Celtic God of the Sea, kept a magical herd of pigs (which renewed itself as soon as any were eaten). Manannan hosted a great annual "Feast of Age", where the gods acquired the ever-renewing qualities of the pigs, and thus never grew old.

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