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Panther Totem

The Panther, Jaguar or Leopard is a very ancient and powerful totem. It embodies aggressiveness and power but without solar influence. A Black Panther's power is lunar. People with a Panther, Jaguar or Leopard totem have the ability to do a variety of tasks at the same time. They tend to be loners, very comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people. You must learn to pace your work and not push too hard. Women with Panther, Jaguar or Leopard totems often find themselves raising their children alone, whether it is through divorce or just circumstances of the job. They can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions. They should trust their thoughts and inner visions as they are based in reality. A Panther, Jaguar or Leopard totem gives you a guide to help you on your path - in the form of a real person - a mentor or teacher. The Black Panther is endowed with great magic and power and this power will increasingly be experienced.

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