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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Grouse Totem

Sacred Spiral, Sacred Dance

Grouse medicine is the medicine of personal power. Of letting loose and being spontaneous. Grouse is connected to the Sacred Spiral, one of the oldest known symbols of personal power. It can give you personal vision and enlightenment. Awaken your Grouse medicine by mediating and visualizing spirals of energy surrounding you. Dancing with spiral movements will also help release this power. Dance freely with drumming as your background music. This will open a new flow of energy into your life. Dancing a circle is the act of creation. It will open a cone of power around you that you can tap into. Revitalize yourself and your life with this power and energy.

Sacred dancing and drumming, higher rate of consciousness, opens energy to rhythm of life and circles of nature, time and the self. Grouse shows how to make transitions and navigate through life's transitions in the Great Spiral of the Medicine wheel. Are you aware of the cycles happening right now in your life? Grouse teaches awareness of the energy around you and how to drum in the music of your life. It is time to revitalize yourself and dance the dance of creation.

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