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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Grackle Totem

Overcoming Emotional Congestion

The Grackle's iridescent coloring reflects a need to look at their life differently. Situations are not always what they appear to be - particularly when dealing with emotions. Emotions that are not dealt with can clog our emotions, even to the point of creating physical congestion. Look at your life and take a new approach to the way you see it. Grackles are very happy birds - finding joy in the smallest of things. Look past the emotional turmoil and find the joy in your life too. Grackle also reminds us to take action, not just rehash everything, talk about it and not doing anything to resolve the problem. Pine fragrances can be helpful during meditation with this totem.

Grackle can teach discernment in expressing emotions and helps balance the head and emotions. She awakens the mind with awareness as changes of perceptions are unfolding. He stirs psychic abilities and brings to consciousness latent healing gifts and creativity. Determination, focus and tenacity and using your power to its fullest potential is what Grackle can show you. At this time there is a magic of the unseen worlds coming forward. Listen to intuition as it will guide in understanding the connection to all things.

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