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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Goose Totem

Communication, Imprinting Your Life Path

A Goose totem reflects a stimulation of childhood thrills and the belief in stories and legends. The stories we loved as children often reflect our life quest. Think about the stories that affected you the most and see what in them you took into your adult life. The Goose also helps in communication, especially with the written word. It is also a symbol of fertility and marital fidelity. Since Geese are vegetarians, those with a Goose totem should always incorporate plenty of vegetables into their diet. Goose people have an innate belief that there is just one special person for each one.

Goose gives a questing call for travels, imagination and communication. Imagination is stirred for fulfilling creative endeavors. He teaches how to move along the spiritual path with power and strength which may involve community efforts. He aids in finding happiness and joy in the small things. Goose teaches to swim through the emotional waters with a smooth calming action. He will help discern truths in order for you to progress onward, sometimes this involves letting things go that is not conducive to your new spiritual ideals. Goose medicine demonstrates soaring to new levels often with the cooperation of others which will help gain a tremendous amount of resources, knowledge and insights.

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