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Goddess - Definitions

"I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mysteries of the waters, I call upon your soul to arise and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed and unto Me they must return. Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold - all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. And you who seek to know Me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and 
I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

Doreen Valiente


While there are stories behind each of these names, I am briefly listing them out for now.

Adsullata - A Continental Celtic Goddess of spring; may be equated with Sul, the Sun Goddess of another pantheon.

Aeife - She was among the instructors of Cu Chulainn, whom he married for a year and bore him a son. She was condemned to be a demon of the air as punishment.

Aibheaog - In the County of Donegal, she was worshiped at Tover Breda. The well's waters were held to be an effective remedy against toothache, so long as the petitioner left a little white stone beside the well as a substitute for the sore tooth. It is believed that she was also an ancient Fire Goddess. 

 Aige - Turned into a fawn and plunged into the bay now named after her.

Aine - This is the Bright Faery Goddess to whom the mountain Knock Aine on the shores of Lough Gur is dedicated, and she is one of the great goddesses of ancient Ireland. Daughter of the Tuatha king, Egogabal, and a shape shifter, her alternate form is that of a swan and a red mare. Also as a Moon Goddess, patron of crops and cattle. Her name is derived from Adeh (fire) and could also be identified with Bridget. The Mid-summer festivals were in her honor prior to St. John's Day. Her energy is the "Big Sun" between Beltain to Samhain.

Airmed - Tuatha who had great magickal powers, especially in herb lore.

Amaterasu - (Omikami) - Japan. Goddess of the Sun. Chief God. Worshiped especially by the Kamikazi Samuri of the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII.

Anath - Goddess of Mars. Greek Anathema - Devoted to evil.

Andarta - (Andrasta) The Goddess of Victory invoked by the Celtic Queen Boadicea.

Anna - Goddess of the Dark Moon. Psychic work, healing and protection.

Anu - (Anann) Deae Matronae of Ireland, Goddess of fertility, prosperity and abundance. Anann is worshiped in Munster Ireland as a goddess of Plenty.

Aoibhinn - Queen of the Faery of North Munster, Ireland.

Aphrodite - (Venus) Goddess of love, young and beautiful, planet Venus, element Water. Aphrodite was concieved from the ocean foam said that when Cronos castrated Uranus and threw the member in the ocean, Aphrodite walked forward.

Aradia - Goddess of Air, protection.

Arianhod - Welsh Goddess of Air.

Artemis - (Diana) Goddess of the new moon. Healing and protection. As Diana, Goddess of Mars and the Full Moon then ruling psychic work, healing and protection. On Earth, she is Goddess of the woods and the Hunt. In the Sky she is Phobe (Selene) Goddess of the Moon; in the Underworld she is Hecate.

Asherah - Goddess of love. Planet Venus.

Astarte - (Ashtoeth) Goddess of love. Planet Venus. Queen of Heaven with crescent horns. Ashtoreth, in hebrew.

Aynia - A Faery Queen of Ulster, Ireland.

Ban Chuideachaidh Moire - The midwife to the Virgin Mary, and a title given to St. Bridget.

Banfathi - The Goddess who accompanies troops into battle, of strategy.

Ban Naomha - (Banna Naomha) A fish Goddess.

Bast - Goddess of the Sun.

Becuna Cneisgel - Fertility Goddess.

Beltis - Goddess of love. Planet Venus.

The Black Virgin - The Goddess worshiped by the Dryadesses of Sena on the Isle D'e Sein. One of their major religious sites later became the Chartres Cathedral.

Blathnat - Daughter of Midir, King of the Gaelic Underworld. She helped Cu Chulainn steal her father's magick cauldron.

Boadicea - (Boudiga) Queen of the Iceni tribe who personally led a rebellion against the Romans in 61 A.D. Boudiga occurs a a name of a Goddess meaning Victory.

Boand - The Divine Ancestress of the Celtic Boii tribe. Her name means "white cow."

Branwen - Goddess of love.

Bridget - (Brigid) Goddess of Fire, ruling Mars and the Moon. She is the triple goddess of poetry, healing and smith craft. Psychic work and protection.

Brizo - Moon Goddess, psychic work, healing and protection.

Buana - Which means Good Mother. Irish Goddess as a cow, similar to that of Hathor or Hera. Cally Berry - Ulster Ireland's Goddess, who has been reduced from a nature spirit, the personification of winter and the guardian of the wild deer, to a malignant supernatural Hag. Her name is derived from the Indian Goddess Kali-Ma, Goddess of birth and destruction.

Calliope - "Beautiful One" Muse of epic poetry.

Canola - Goddess of Music.

Cardea - Goddess of Air.

Carman - Wexford, Ireland Goddess, Gaelic name of Wexford is Lock Garman (Loch gCarman). May have a Phoenician or Greek connection.

Carravogue - Hag of winter. Gabhog & Ghaereagain.

Cebhfhionn - A Goddess of inspiration who stood next to the Well of Knowledge constantly filling a vessel with its water and pouring it out without letting wisdom-seeking humans taste it.

Ceithlenn - The Crooked Tooth; Wife of Balor, the old God who appears in legend as the King of the Formorians.

Ceridwen - Goddess of the Cauldron of life. Moon Goddess. Psychic work, healing and protection.

Ceres - (Demeter) Mother Earth. Searched the Earth for her other half, her daughter is Persephone.

Cetnenn - A great warrior in Irish legend.

Clio - Muse of History.

Cliodna of the Fair Hair - Irish Goddess of great beauty.

Coventina - Goddess who was patron of healing wells and springs.

Crobh Dearg - Red claw, ancient Goddess who was said to be the sister of Latiaran.

Cybele - (Rhea) The mother Goddess. Planet Saturn. Psychic workings.

Demeter - (See Ceres)

Derbforgaille - A swan maiden, who fell in love with Cu Chulainn, and was wounded by him.

Diana - (See Artimis)

Dil - Cattle Goddess of ancient Ireland.

Domnu - Goddess of the Fir Domnann; the goddess brought in with the wave of the Firbolg invasion of Ireland.

Dornoll - Warrior Goddess who was among the Amazon instructors of Cu Chulainn, and whose sexual advances he refused.

Druantia - A Fir-Tree Goddess.

Dubh Lacha - A Sea Goddess.

Eadon - A Goddess of poetry and inspiration.

Ebhlinne - (Ebhlenn) The Goddess worshipped in the county of Tipperary, Ireland. Her home was the 12 mountains of Ebhlenn, the daughter of Guaire from Brugh na Boine, and married to a king of Cashel.

Echtghe Aughty - Daughter of the God Nuada. She may be an ancient form of Anu.

Eithne - (Ethniu) Daughter of Danu and Balor, wife of Mackinely or Cian, Mother of Lugh. May be equated with the Welsh Arianrhod.

Ele - (Eile) The sister of Queen Maeve.

Eorann - Goddess of the woods, married to Suibhne.

Erato - "Beloved One" Muse of erotic poetry or mime.

Eri - Mother of Bres.

Ernmas - Which means murder. She is the mother of the Morrigu.

Ess Euchen - A War Goddess killed by Cu Chulainn when avenging the death of her three sons, whom he had killed.

Estiu - A Warrior and Bird Goddess.

Etrange - Mother of the Goddess Macha.

Euterpe - Muse of lyric poetry.

Fachea - Goddess of Poetry and Inspiration.

Fand - Goddess of healing and pleasure, lover of Cu Chulainn, and wife of Manannan mac Lir. Her name is analogous with the Latin Venus and Norse Vanir.

Fea - War Goddess wife of Nuada, King of Tara and the Tuatha.

Feithline - A seer who lived in the Cruachen (gateway to hell), hill in western Ireland and appeared to Queen Maeve, attired in a gold crown with seven burnt-gold braids hainging down on her shoulders to fortell the queen's death.

Findabair - Daughter of Queen Medb who died of shame.

Flaithius - Was a Kundry, who originally appears as a repulsive Hag, and then once kindness has been given her, turns into a beautful woman.

Flidhais - Woodland Goddess, ruler of beasts. She rode a chariot pulled by deer. Her husband was Adammair, or Fergus.

Freia - Goddess of love, planet Venus.

Gaea - Mother Earth rules money and healing. That which is earth herself.

Garbh Ogh - Ancient ageless giantess, whose cart was drawn by elks.

Gillagriene - Daughter of the Sun in Irish Legend.

Gwyddynod of Gloucester - Warrior goddesses who are rarely mentioned in literature, and who possibly connected to the smith-God, Gwydion.

Hathor - Egyptian Goddess, Moon Goddess and of Venus. Psychic work, protection and healing.

Hebe - (Juventas) Goddess of Healing, Youth and Beauty. Married Hercules.

Hecate - (Brimo, Diana) Goddess of the Underworld, the Dark Moon. Planet Saturn, Psychic, divinations, healing and protection by means of destroying.

Hera - (Juno) Greek Goddess, Queen of the Heavens, presided over marriages and births. A stately Matron bearing the symbol of the crown. Argus, a peacock is at her side. Her holiday is Matronalia Festival.

Hestia - (Vesta) Goddess of Fire.

Hygenia - Goddess of health and healing.

Ilat - Goddess of the Sun.

Innana - Goddess of the Planet Venus and of fertility, some accounts say the Moon. Also a goddess of War and Excellence in Battle.

 Inghean Bhuidhe - Yellow-haired girl, who was the sister of Latiaran. She was honored in Pagan Ireland on May 6th with rituals around a sacred well.

Iseult - (Isolde, Esyllt, Essyllt Vyngwen) Fine hair, Goddess connected with healing.

Ishtar - Mother Goddess of love and fertility.

 Isis - Moon Goddess, Hers is the spirit and ether, psychic healing, love and protection.

Juno - (See Hera)

Kali - East Indian Goddess of Fire, birth and destruction - Shiva is her partner.

Kore - (See Persephone)

Lachesis - One of the three fates. She rolls the thread of mortal lives on the spindle.

Latiaran - A Harvast Goddess. She had two sisters, Lasiar (flame) ruled spring, and Inghean Bhuidhe (yellow hair) ruled summer.

Leanan-Sidhe - Mistress of Peace; the spirit of life. Goddess of inspiration to the poet and singer. In exchange for her spirit, she burns them up; living off their life spirit so that their earthly life is brief.

Levenah - Moon Goddess.

Liban - Irish Goddess of healing and pleasure.

Libanie - Beauty of women. Mermaid Goddess associated with Lough Neagh.

Logia - The Goddess worshiped at the Lagan River in Ireland.

Luna - (Selene) Moon Goddess, see Artemis.

Maat - Goddess of Communication.

Mab - (Maeve) Fairy Queen, whose name meant mead.

Mah - Earth Goddess.

Mal - The Goddess of Hag's Head.

Mariamne - Goddess of Love.

Mari - Full Moon Goddess.

Melpomone - Muse of Tragedy.

Metis - Goddess of Wisdom.

Mia - Goddess of Love.

Mnemosyne - Mother of the muses, Goddess of Memory.

Moingfhion - (Mongfhinn) White-haired one. She is associated with Samhain; the crone, Goddess of Winter.

Morgan le Fay - She is derived of an earlier Goddess of Fate - Fata Morgana.

Moirae - Are the three fates bearing mortal fate.

Morrighan / Morrigan - An Irish earth-goddess of sovereignty. Like their Indo-European coevals, the Celtic goddesses were regarded as local expressions of tribal boundaries. As a result, it was the Chieftain who was ritually mated to the endemic land-goddess as exemplified by the Queen and probably High Priestess. Various place-names and topographical sites are esteemed as Morrighan's place of frequentation proving her to be a land-deity, while contemporary scholars have begun to question the imposed obsolete nomenclature of 'war-goddess'.

Muireartach - Eastern Sea, Goddess of the stormy ocean. A one-eyed crone who lived beneath the waves.

Munanna - Bird Goddess, crying "revenge, revenge" on the Scandanavian sea pirates.

Nair - (Nar) Fertility, Earth Goddess. Any King who apparently slept with her died.

Nessa - Ungentle. Originally Assa, or gentle one. Warrior Goddess of Ulster Ireland who defeated King after King.

Niamh - Goddess of great beauty, Lir's Daughter, chose Ossian to be her lover.

Nike - Goddess of Victory, shown as a winged figure carrying a palm or wreath. Guiding the horses of victors into war, or writing their name on a shield.

Nimue - New Moon Goddess.

Nuit - Goddess of Air, Heavens, her animal representation is the cat.

Pasiphae - Moon Goddess, married to Dionysus every year. She has given birth to the Minotaur. Pasiphae rules dreams.

Pele - Goddess of Fire.

Persephone - (Kore) Earth Goddess, she resides in both realms. Half of which she resides with Hades.

Phobe - Moon Goddess.

Polyhymnia - Muse of Sacred Poetry.

Pomona - Nymph of the gardens and fruits, holding the horn of plenty.

Prithivi - Earth Goddess 

Rhiannon - Earth Goddess 

Scathach - War Goddess and prophetess from Alba, Scotland, who taught the martial arts to Cu Chulainn, who's name means       woman who strikes fear. 

Sekhment - Sun Goddess 

Selene - Goddess of the moon 

Sequana - Divine Ancestress of the Sequani tribe of France. 

Shekinah - The Goddess of Spirit/Ether 

Sinnan - Granddaughter of the Sea God Lir. Nymph of a river now known as Shannon. 

Tea - Goddess of Tara. 

Tethys - Daughter of Uranus and Terra. Married Oceanus and gave birth to three thousand nymphs; Oceanids. She is pictured riding a shell chariot followed by dolphins; Tritons. 

Terpsichore - Muse of Dance 

Thalia - Muse of Comedy, seen holding a mask 

Themis - Goddess of equality, peace and law. She sat by Zeus and aided as a counselor of justice. Her attribute is the scales and a sword. We also see her blindfolded as a sign of the partiality of a judge. 

Turrean - Wolfhound Goddess 

Uairebhuidhe - Bird Goddess 

Urania - Muse of astronomy. Wears a starred gown and holds a globe. 

Venus - (See Aphrodite) 

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