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A Rainbow of Spirituality

God - Definitions

"Bright Sun, Dark Death,
Lord of the winds, Lord of the Dance,
Sun Child, Winter-born King,
Hanged One!
Untamed! Untamed!
Stag and Stallion, Goat and Bull,
Sailor of the Last Sea, Guardian of the Gate,
Lord of two Lands,
Ever-dying, Ever-living, Radiance!
Dionysys, Osiris, Pan, Dumuzi, Arthur,
Robin, Jancot, Hou!
Move us! Touch us! Shake us!
Bring us through!"

Invocation of God - Starhawk, The Spiral Dance



While there are stories behind each of these names, I am briefly listing them out for now.

Adonis - Earth God of Love and Money. Hebrew is Tammuz.

Aesculapius - Son of Apollo who brought the dead back to life. Father of Physicians and healing.

Agni - God of Fire.

Akasha - God of the Spirit / Ether.
Ambisagrus - (See Jupiter)Continental Celtic, equated with Jupiter.

Amergin - Bard and spokesman of the Milesian invaders. He granted the daughters of the Dagda their wishes. He is said to be buried under Millmount hill in Drogheda.

Anubis - God of the planet Mercury, communication.

Apollo - God of the Sun and healing. He rode a chariot of the sun in eternal youth. Also, God of music and arts, medicine and poetry. He is seen as a young boy with a bow and arrow.

Ares - (Mars) God of war. Always accompanied by Victory. Represented as a uniformed young man armed with helmet pike and a buckler. Tuesday was consecrated to Mars.

Athos - Earth God.

Atlas - Moon God.

Bacchus - (Dionysus) Son of Zues. Taught men to grow the vine, represented riding on a barrel, crowned with two horns, he is an earth God. Ever Dying God.

Balor - The old God who appears in legend as King of the Formors. Husband of Dana or Ceithlenn, father of Eithne and grandfather of Lugh. Welsh called him Beli.

Bel - God of the planet Jupiter.

Bith - Myth has it he is the son of Noah and father of Cesara. His wife was Birren. First to occupy Ireland.

Boreas - Is the North Wind, seen as a white haired old man.

Bormanus - Early Celtic God.

Borvo - (to boil) Celt God of hot springs, in which he placed Sirona, his mother. Equated with Roman Apollo.

Bran - God of the planet Saturn.

Bres - Son of Formorian father and a Tuatha De Danann mother, he married Brighid, Daughter of the Dagda. He became king of the Tuatha but lost his title.

Bussumarus - (Large lipped) Celtic God, parallel to Romans Jupiter.

Camulos - A King of the Tuatha De Danann, fused with some earlier god; he merges Cumhal, warrior king father of Finn, and origin of King Cole rhyme.

Cerebrus - Pluto's three-headed dog, was the keeper of the gates of hell. His job was to prevent the dead from escaping and the curious out.

Cernnunos - (Herne) God of the Earth and of Love. Celt Horned God. His name appears on the altar of Nautes, now in the Cluny Museum in Paris. He appears everywhere, from 4th Century rock carvings in Italy to the famous Gundestrup Cauldron which was found in a pet bog in Denmark. He wears or has looped on his horns the torc (circlet) of Celt nobility.

Charon - Son of Erebus and Nox. He carried the dead across the river, without money he would not take them. Those who were not buried could not cross.

Cian - Son of Dianchecht, and father by Eithne of Lugh. Equated with Mac Kinely.

Coeus - God of the planet Mercury, communication.

Credne - God of crafts and smith crafts. Bronze-worker hero of the De Danann who, with the smith Goibniu and the woodworker Luchtain, made the weapons with which the De Danann defeated the Formors.

Crius - God of the planet Mars, war.

Crom Cruaich - (The bowed one of the Mound) Also known as Cenn Cruaich, the Lord of the Mound, and Crom Dubh, the Black Bowed One.  Ancient sacrificial God associated with Lughnasadh. The last Sunday in July is still called Domhnach Chrom Dubh (Crom Dubh's Sunday), even tho it has been Christianized as the day of the spectacular pilgrimage up St. Patrick's Mountain.

Cronos - (Saturn) Meaning time. Son of Terra. He devoured all his sons at birth, time consumes our lives. Rhea saved Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Juno. His festivals are called Saturnilia. He is seen as an old man bent with age, holding a sickle. His consecrated day is Saturday.

Cuchulain - God of Protection.

Cupid - (Eros) Son of Venus. God of Love. He is seen as a winged child with a bow and arrow. He had a violent passion for Psyche and married her.

The Dagda - Protection. Whose Daughters are Brighid, Queens of De Danann, Eire, Fodhla and Banbha.
Delbaeth - Son of Oghma Grainaineach. Father of the trile goddess Badb (Neman, Macha and the Morrigan). Also father of Boann, so some accounts say.

Diancecht - God of Healing. The Healer of De Danann. His son Miach and daughter Airmid made the silver hand which replaced the one lost by Nuada at the first Battle of Maigh Tuireadh.

Dionysys - (See Baccus)

Dogstar - (Sirus) Name meaning a scorching and sirus marks the season of the greatest heat. He was feared and offered sacrifices.

Donn - Irish Lord of the Dead.

Dylan - God of Water.

Ea - God of Water.

Enlil - God of Air.

Eros - (See Cupid).

Essus - (Esus) Celt agricultural God, worshiped by the Essuvi. His consort may have been the bear-goddess Artio.

Eurus - East wind, seen as a flying youth, violent and disorderly.

Eurymedon - God of the planet Jupiter.

Fergus - Name of several legendary characters, tho this one's virility was such that when his wife, a woodland goddess and ruler of beasts, Flidais, was away, he needed seven ordinary women to satisfy him.

Fergus Mac Roi - King of Ulster who loved Nessa, mother of Conchobar; he suffered exile for her sake, and Conchobar inherited his throne. Later became tutor to Cu Chulainn, Conchobar's nephew; but he took Queen Maeves side in her war with Ulster.

Fintaan - Husband of Noah's granddaughter Cesara, first occupier of Ireland in the Mythological Cycle. He was her lesser consort.

Fionn Mac Cumhal - Son of Cumhal, King of the De Danann. As a child, he burned his finger on the Salmon of Knowledge, sucked it and thus acquired all knowledge. Became leader of the Fiana.

Gavida - A smith God, Brother of Mac Kinely. Equivalent of Gobniu, and the Welsh Govannon.

Gebann - Druid of the De Danann. Father of the South Munster goddess Cliona of the Fair Hair, renowned for her great beauty and O'Keefe family.

Gwydon - God of psychic work.

Goibniu - Smith of the De Danann, who with Credne and Luchtain made the weapons with which the Tuatha defeated the Formors. 
Uncle of Lugh. Equivalent to Gavida and the Welsh Govannon.

Grannos - Celt God of mineral springs. An inscription to him was found at Musselburgh, near Edinburgh.

Hades - (Pluto, Dis) Third son of Saturn, he swells in the underworld. He is said ugly and stole Persephone and made her his queen.
His is the cypress tree, Lord of the Dead. The pomegranate is Persephone's fruit.

Helios - (Sol) The sun, seen as a man driving a chariot of fire-breathing horses and sunbeams crowned upon his head.

Hephaestus - (Vulcan) God of fire, son of Jupiter, ugly but most industrious. He made jewels, thunderbolts, weapons. God of Iron, brass, gold and silver. Father of blacksmiths He holds a hammer in his right hand and pinchers in his left. His name derived from poets isolating him on the rocky volcanic mountains.

Hercules - Son of Zeus, he is a mortal, Juno put him on twelve tasks. When he died he was given Hebe for a wife.

Hernes - (Troth, Mercury, Hermes, Cernnunos) Son of Zeus, Patron of travelers, and merchants even the mischievous. God of Knowledge, communication and occult sciences. He is seen with a winged helmet and feet, messenger of the gods, as Mercury. Holds a rod entwined with snakes, as an emblem of his magic power, His consecrated day is Wednesday.

Horus - God of Fire.

Hymen - God or marriage. Shown as a handsome youth crowned with flowers. Holding a torch in one hand and a yellow veil in the other for his bride.

Hyperion - God of the Sun.

Hypnos - (Somnus) God of Sleep.

Lao - God of the spirit, of ether.

Luchar - Son of the Goddess, Anu and grandson of Balor. Married a daughter of the De Danann.

Janus - King of Italy, housed jupiter and so was given the gift to see the past and future. Often seen with two faces, one past and one looking ahead.

JHVH - (Jehovah) God of the spirit and ether.

Jupiter - (Zeus)Son of Saturn. He dethroned his father. Zeus married Juno. In his right hand is lightning bolts and the other is victory. His symbol is the Eagle.

Khephera - God of Air.

Khonsu - God of the Moon.

Lares - (Penates) Gods of the hearth. Spirits of the Dead ancestors, were thought they could still play part in domestic affairs. Represented by small statues and taken when moved.

Legba - God of the Sun.

Leucetios - Celt God of Thunder.

Litavis - Celt God, possibly Breton in origin; Llydaw is the Welsh name for Brittany.

Lir - Both Welsh and Irish God. Father of Manannan Macc Lir, and also King of the Tuatha De Danann; first wife was Aebh, by whom fathered Fionuala and three sons, Hugh, Fiacha and conn. Second wife Aoife, who turned the four children into swans.

Llyre - God of Water.

Loki - Norse God of deception, trickery.

Lugh - God of the Sun.

Mac Cecht - Son of the Plough, or whose God was the Plough. Husband of Fodhla, the mother aspect of the triple Goddess. He represents the element of Earth.

Mac Cuill - Son of the Hazel, or whose God was the Sea. He was husband of Banbha, the crone aspect of the triple Goddess. He represents the element of Water.

Mac Greine - Son of the Sun, or whose God was the Sun. Husband of Eire, the Maiden aspect of the triple Goddess. His is Fire.

Mackinely - Son of Balor and Cethlenn, father by Eithne of Lugh. Equated with Cian.

Marduk - Earth God. Seen as a winged bull. in creation myth he slays Tiamat whom splits in half.

Mars - (See Ares)

Math - God of Psychic work.

Mercury - (See Hernes)

Miach - Son of Diancecht, father of medicine and himself a physician. Healing Grasses grew on his grave.

Moccos - (Moccus) Celt Pig God, or god of a pig totem clan. He is identified woth Roman Mercury.

Morpheus - Son of Somnus, God of dreams. He is surrounded by poppies, they induce dreams. More or less Morphine and Opium
Mullo - Celt Patron God known as the patron of muleteers. Sometimes identified with Mars.

Nemed - Leader of the Early Ireland, Husband of Macha, the Celt Ulster Goddess.

Neptune - (Poseidon) God of the sea. He rode his chariot over the sea driven by horses. Shown with a long beard and holding a trident. Oceanus was the old god of the sea.

Nergal - God of the planet Mars. A winged lion to Egyptians.

Ninib - God of Saturn. Shown as an eagle.

Notus - (Auster)South wind, shown holding a watering can that the south winds bring the rain.

Oceanus - Old God of the Sea.

Ogma - God of Poetry.

Oisin - (Ossian, fawn) Son of Fionn Mac Cumhal and the deer goddesss Sadhbh. He went with Niamh of the Golden Hiar to Tir na nOg, where she bore two sons and one daughter.

Orpheus - God of music.

Osirus - God of Water.

Pan - God of all the shepherds and flocks. An Earth God, his is seen as an ugly satyr with the body of a goat, horns, hair and beard.

Penates - (See Lares)

Pluto - (See Hades)

Poseidon - (See Neptune)

Proteus - A Sea God, shepherd of Neptune. Who's flocks embraced seals and all fish. He received the gift to speak prophecy. He could also assume different shapes and disappear at will. Proteus means quick in changing faces.

Ra - God of the Sun.

Robin - God of Love.

Saturn - (See Cronos)

Segomo - Celt God of war, also known as Cocidius.

Semesh - Sun God.

Set - Egyptian Prince of Darkness.

Shiva - Kali's sexual partner.

Shoney - Both Scottish and Irish, a sea God to whom libations of ale were offered til late into the 19th Century by fishermen in Ireland and the Isle of Lewis.

Shu - God of Air.

Sin - A Moon God.

Sirus - (See Dog Star)

Sol - (See Helios)

Somnus - (See Hypnos)

Tammuz - An Earth God. Hebrew 4th month in the year. October Syrian - Adonis.

Tethra - Chief of the Fomorians who was also King of Lochlann, their undersea home.

Thantos - Death. Has a heart of iron, and bowls of brass.

Thor - God of the planet Jupiter.

Thoth - (See Herne) God of knowledge and communication.

Vertumnus - God of the garden and orchards. Married Pomena. This couple grows old and young as the seasons change.

Vishnu - Krishna-Rama - Sun-Male God.

Vulcan - (See Hephaestus)

Woden - God of the planet Mercury, communication. Wednesday, Wodensday.

YHVH - God of the planet Saturn.

Zephyrus - West Wind. A sweet serene young man with butterfly wings.

Zeus - (See Jupiter) 

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