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A Vedic Perspective

So you've had your horoscope done, and are dealing with the information you've gotten from the astrologer. There are strengths in the chart, and also weaknesses, and you're wondering, "now what?" What can you do about it? Is there a way to counterbalance certain weaknesses, or increase strengths as much as possible? Indeed there is, and one of the easiest methods Vedic Astrologers use to derive noticeable results in a relatively short period of time is through the wearing of natural, untreated gemstones.

Gem therapy, or planetary gemology, dates back to ancient Indian, Greek, Egyptian, and Jewish cultures. Men and women would wear gems for the potencies they imparted to them, and not solely for their monetary value. Kings and Queens would wear gemstones in their crowns and elsewhere on the body as a means of expanding their influence throughout their kingdoms. Of course the gems royalty wore were extremely large, and of the highest quality imaginable to have such extremely powerful effects, but gems are still be utilized today by the general populace at large for all kinds of beneficial effects in life.

The Indian scriptures called the "Vedas" contain the most complete descriptions and scientific, as well as practical knowledge, of gemstones. These sacred Sanskrit texts give specific details about various gems' potencies, as well as the method of prescription for their proper medical and astrological usage. In ancient Vedic culture, as well as other advanced cultures, gems became the means for directing certain subtle forces of nature. Particular properties of gems have also been recognized in today's modern technological world, such as in quartz crystals that are used in timepieces, and diamonds that are being used in lasers and supercomputers. As a matter of fact over a billion people in the world today have taken advantage of Vedic gem therapy to enhance their lives physically, mentally, or spiritually. Only in the west does this seem to be a "new age" concept, for realistically speaking there is extremely little verifiable textual knowledge of this science from the ancient cultures of the western world. In many eastern countries this science has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to the earliest recorded histories.

Planetary gemology, or gem therapy used in conjunction with a person's Vedic horoscope for gem prescription, is based on the ancient system of Vedic astrology, an extremely accurate and enlightening system based on the fixed positions of stars and constellations (the sidereal zodiac). This system is very precise in determining a person's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the present direction of one's destiny for this lifetime. The positions of the planets at the time of our birth reflect the karma that we bring with us into this life from our past actions and experiences in previous incarnations. They represent the multitude of energies in the universe, each planet controlling a different form of cosmic energy that is transmitted throughout the solar system. These transmissions of energy are responsible for formations of life on this planet, as well as our own bodies and even minds. The orbiting planets receive and give specific wavelengths of energy that maintain the order of the solar system. These energies are transmitted as light.

Another name for Vedic astrology is "jyotish", or the "science of light." There are seven basic visible cosmic rays emanated by the seven major planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and two invisible rays (ultraviolet and infrared) emanated by the Moon's north and south nodes, called Rahu and Ketu. The signs of the zodiac, as well as the different houses in the astrological horoscope, represent the different fields that the planetary energies react and move within, thereby giving us information of how these energies will let us "read" what our life experiences will be in this incarnation. We are able to understand the quality of this birth in the same way as the nature of a tree can be read from the seed it is born from. This karma is what will determine how our lives will manifest themselves. The planets will show inherent strengths in certain areas of life, as well as weaknesses that may inhibit our growth and indicate success in specific areas of life.

There is a complex system of remedial measures used in conjunction with Vedic astrology that allows one to increase the energies vibrated from certain planets to balance and bring harmony into one's life. They are twofold, utilizing sound vibrations such as in the chanting of mantras, and increasing specific wavelengths of vibrations of light, which is the basis for gemstone therapy.

Different gemstones receive their potencies from the cosmic energies of different planets, thereby having different effects on the wearer. These gemstones are transmitters of electromagnetic energy from the different planets, depending on the stone, thereby having different effects on the wearer. They do this by absorption and reflection of light frequencies. The electromagnetic energy emanating from the gemstone reacts with the electromagnetic energy of the body to produce certain very specific effects. Which gems should be used must be determined through a careful analysis of the astrological horoscope (sidereal zodiac, equal house system only) by a qualified astrologer or planetary gemologist.

The new age practice of indiscriminately placing gemstone crystals all over the body can be extremely dangerous if the practitioner is not both well educated and sufficiently experienced in this science. Gem crystals are very powerful, and as easily as they can positively enforce electromagnetic fields of the body, they can disrupt them giving the opposite effect. This can cause physical and mental debilities, so one must be cautious as to how and which gemstones are used in this manner. Used incorrectly there can be disturbances on a subtle, astral level, as well as a physical one. Used correctly they can give a lift and greater potency to our lives in many ways, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Once you have had a careful analysis of your Vedic horoscope by an experienced and qualified astrologer, or planetary gemologist with the knowledge and expertise to correctly diagnose the weaknesses and strengths in the horoscopic chart, they will usually recommend a gemstone, or several gemstones, that will be beneficial for wearing throughout your life. The chosen stone/s may then be set in a ring, or pendant, so that the stone comes into contact with the skin. 

This allows them to best transmit these frequencies of light, or electromagnetic energy, to the cells in our bodies. This is done through the ions and electrolytes of the body on a cellular level. On a "subtle" level the cosmic colors of the gems are absorbed through the chakra system of the ethereal body. The reason the fingers are the best places to wear gems is the location of many physical and ethereal nerve centers there. We have seen amazing results in people's lives through the use of gemstone therapy, the bottom line being greater energy and strength to combat negative karmic influences in their lives, and to maximize positive ones.

A word of caution: In order to be effective gems must be natural (not synthetic) and be untreated by heat or irradiation to improve their appearance, as is commonly done on most gems used in the jewelry trade for commercial purposes. Therefore you must know for sure that your source for your purchase has untreated gems and will guarantee this. The treatment of gemstones to enhance their physical beauty has long been an accepted practice in the gem and jewelry trade (especially heat treatment), and is not considered a deceptive practice unless a jeweler does not disclose the fact that the gem has been enhanced, if asked by a customer. 

We have had the unenviable engagement at times of explaining to a client that although the gem that they purchased is beautiful, as well as costly, it has no ability to transmit the planetary/cosmic energies, nor have any beneficial use whatsoever, except as a weaker form of color therapy alone. (The modern science of color therapy was derived from the ancient science of gemstone therapy.) It is not necessary to spend a fortune to obtain a gem that will give us the desired effects, and the wonderful thing about utilizing the potency of gemstones is that it is a one-time investment that requires no further "maintenance," but for setting into a ring or talisman. Its potency will never diminish, and you have the gem working for your benefit for your entire lifetime. 

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