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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Falcon Totem

Mental Speed, Agility and Grace

Falcon soars high and its gift to you is that ability - to soar high and see the big picture. If you stand too close to a situation, sometimes you can only see what is right in front of you - rather than the whole panorama. Falcon also teaches control of speed and movement. It shows how to recognize opportunities and act upon them at only the correct moment. Watching a Falcon will show you to fully commit and when to act to achieve success. People with Falcon totems like to be a position where they can see everything around them. Study Falcon to use your mental facilities more effectively and more patiently to attain what you most need and desire. Falcon people are often independent and need alone time to be happy. They have a sharp mind and are very agile.

Power of insight, agility, discernment and how to attach opportunities in life, discern when and how to strike when needed. Falcon teaches swiftness with control and exactness in movement. Timing is everything for falcon. Is it time to take chances? He will teach timing in your spiritual and physical life. Falcon will teach to see your environment with mental and spiritual clarity

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