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Donation Page for Cypresso aka Dale Hyde aka Gentle Deer Lion Tamer

This page was created so that I would not have to create a seperate web page strictly for donations.  If you are viewing this page, you have arrived here via a Twitter posting, or Facebook posting, or from some other means to reach out  to you for support of myself and my lovely wife Esta along with our lovely familiar Misty the cat.

I will keep this short and brief.  Due to an on the job injury I am having to be retrained in a new vocation.  There is no income at this time and we have been living off of savings which is about gone.  In the past, we both have given freely to others without any thought of receiving in return.  However, now we find ourselves in need to pay the bills and such while I finish my retraining and find gainful employment once again.  Not only do we have rent and utility bills along with some medical costs and car costs, we maintain various spiritual sites that many know of who may be reading this.  All these sites are hosted and do cost money as well for us to provide the material for those to find who are seeking answers.

You can read more about me by clicking here: About Me

With Goddess love and blessings your way, I would like to request that you click the below Donation button and donate whatever you can to assist us in this time of need knowing that the Goddess will see your actions and remember your actions.


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