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God and Goddess - Definitions and more

"Bright Sun, Dark Death,
Lord of the winds, Lord of the Dance,
Sun Child, Winter-born King,
Hanged One!
Untamed! Untamed!
Stag and Stallion, Goat and Bull,
Sailor of the Last Sea, Guardian of the Gate,
Lord of two Lands,
Ever-dying, Ever-living, Radiance!
Dionysys, Osiris, Pan, Dumuzi, Arthur,
Robin, Jancot, Hou!
Move us! Touch us! Shake us!
Bring us through!"

Invocation of God - Starhawk, The Spiral Dance



Truly, there is no one major "God" or "Goddess" of all paganism. Paganism, as a whole, is defined as "other" or "other religion than Islam, Judaism, or Christian". This leaves a LOT of territory! There is no single set of deities worshiped by all Pagans, nor of all Wiccans.

Most Pagans will choose a deity to call upon who is known to have a special affinity for the situation the person is currently dealing with. However, even if the person gets it wrong, the gods will straighten it out and send the appropriate one to handle the issues at hand.

These are brief lists of commonly used names for Gods and Goddesses, from various pantheons throughout the world. Extensive lists could well run into the 100s of thousands of names!

God Names

Goddess Names

Angels, spirits, and minor gods

Nature spirits and spirits of the elements are unique creations. They have been called upon successfully to help in times of need.

Angels can be thought of gods or goddesses, and Archangels can be considered to be Gods and Goddesses in Their own rights. These are very powerful beings, not merely folklore, and should be handled with respect.

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