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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Differences between Native American (Red) and American (White) Culture

The first thing I would say, is that the Native Americans live in the sacred; The white man studies it.  The White's history is written in books; The Red's is written in their hearts.  The White's need laws by which to live; the Red's did not.  The White's have criminals; The Red's did not.  The White's leaders lie to their people; For the Red's it would have been unthinkable.  The Red children were raised to become theirselves, to become distinct individuals; The White children are raised to be the same.  Silence was one of the Red's greatest virtures; The White's, incessant noise.  The Red children are taught, from birth, generosity; The White children, accumulation and greed.  The White's value success; The Red's value respect and honor.  The White's do things for profit; The Red's to be helpful.

When you reflect upon these things, put them in the following perspective: The Red's had no jails, no locks, seldom even had a murder.  There may have been some, but I have never heard of a rape.  The Red's gays were fully accepted.  The Red women had power. 

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