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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Crane Totem

Longevity and Focus

Justices, longevity, feminine energies, gives proper focus in all endeavors. Crane shows you the wonder of creation through dancing, music, inner and outer beauty of the self and the world. Opportunities for social settings and activities that are done in large groups may appear. Groups may provide inspiration, creativity and mental/emotional support. Crane shows how to vocalize and express oneself eloquently. Crane shows truths and aids in personal discernment. He will show how to watch over and protect others by relying on your intuitional senses. A diet change may be needed. Are you eating a balanced diet? Crane shows the art of body language and how important of a role it plays in communication. Watch and listen. Be aware of what others are doing and not saying. He will help you examine your close relationships in order to create bonds or finally break them. It may 2 or 3 years for Crane's lessons, including relationships, to be fully mature.

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