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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Candle, Stone and Herb Magic

This page discusses magick done with candles, stones, or herbs.

Candle Magick

One of the easiest and most powerful magickal techniques utilized by both witches and folk magicians is the utilization of candles in performing a spell. Candles are readily available items, can be found most anywhere and are convenient for use. They come in all shapes and sizes, scented or unscented, and which shape you use is totally up to you and the purpose of the spell.

You can purchase candles sculpted in the shape of the Goddess or God for mystical symbolism, but ordinary taper candles are just as effective. In the world of magick, color is quite important as it creates a certain state of mind in the user and conveys various messages to the subconscious, which can make a spell all the more effective. 

Here is how candle magick is ordinarily done.

Acquire a candle of the appropriate color (see table below for this). Then, hold the candle in your power hand (if you are right-handed, than that is your power hand). Take several deep breaths and concentrate on your goal intensely. If you wish to cast a spell for money or employment, for example, think of a job you'd love to have, think of all your bills being paid and of a hefty bank account.

Verbally announce to an appropriate deity (this is variable, and depends on your specific tradition), or the Mother Goddess (for those of us who are eclectic) that you are soliciting their aid in acquiring a better job or more money.

Be sure to ask only for realistic goals, and be sure that you are not requesting assistance at someone else's expense. Make it a point to state this in your intention. Think of this goal and mentally build up huge amounts of energy until you are literally shaking with this built up intent.

Then, when you feel it has reached its peak, project all of this energy through your power hand and into the candle.

Light the candle and put it someplace where it will burn safely (never leave a burning candle unattended). Sit in front of the candle, meditate for a few moments and know that as the flame burns and the candle melts, your intention is being sent into the astral realms, where it will take form and eventually manifest itself in the physical. This can take anywhere from a week to a few months, depending upon the complexity of your request.

Remember this, as well: spellwork to gain something (such as money or a love interest) is best done during the waxing moon, and are most effective just before or on the Full Moon; spellwork to get rid of something, or to banish negativity from your life, should be done during the waning moon or just before or on the New Moon. They will be more effective this way, though in an emergency, you can still do any spell at anytime.

Remember to let the candle burn out all the way; if you don't have the time, then let the candle burn on successive nights until it is completely burnt out.

Remember, DO NOT use the same candle for different purposes. Once it is "programmed" with a specific type of energy, do not use it for another purpose, or "program" it with a different intent. This will only muddle up the energy and confuse the intent.

As you meditate upon the candle, gently move your hand above the flame and concentrate on your goal. You may want to light some incense along with the candle, and I will include a separate list on the proper incense to use in another section. If you can't find a certain color candle (for example, black candles can be hard to find), then use a white candle. They can be substituted for any color below, since the color white is actually a reflection of all colors. Here is the appropriate table of correspondence below:

  • WHITE: Spirituality, purification, protection; all-purpose.
  • RED: Energy, protection, sex, defense, aggressive actions.
  • BLUE: Love, healing, flexibility, friendship, peace.
  • PINK: Love, romance, companionship.
  • GREEN: Money, employment, commerce, stability.
  • YELLOW: Intellect, education, benevolence, writing, the arts.
  • ORANGE: Luck, changing of personal fortune, attraction of influences.
  • BROWN: Animal magick, healing of animals, stability.
  • PURPLE: Luck, protection from negativity.
  • BLACK: Banishment, binding, reversal, removal of negative influences.

Remember the Wiccan Rede when performing this or any other type of magick...keep your spellwork on positive goals, don't utilize bindings except in self-defense and even then keep your spellwork defensive, not offensive and remember to harm none! Doing so will only build up bad karma, and you will eventually have to pay for hurting or manipulating others.

Specifically, remember this when performing love magick: do not cast a spell to win the love of a specific person; when doing job magick, do not spell to take the job from somebody else. Nasty and manipulative magick like this will only leave you subject to the Law of Threefold Return.


Stone Magick

The following is a list of stones commonly used by witches in spellwork and a general description of their various magickal properties compiled from elsewhere on the Web by my former site partner:

  • AGATE-strength, courage, love, healing, protection./AMAZONITE-taking a chance to be successful in a project.
  • AMBER-luck, healing, strength, protection./AMETHYST-dreams, psychic abilities, healing.
  • AQUAMARINE-psychic abilities, divination ,purification.
  • BLOODSTONE-victory, wealth, power, legal matters, business.
  • CARENELIAN-protection, eloquence, courage.
  • CAT'S EYE-wealth, success, friendship, money.
  • CHRYSOPRASE-luck, success, friendship, money.
  • CITRINE-protection, psychic awareness.
  • CORAL-healing, wisdom, peace.
  • CROSS STONE, FAERY CROSS, OR STAUROLITE-luck, money, elemental magick.
  • CRYSTAL,QUARTZ-divination, psychic abilities, power.  For more on Crystal Magickal Correspondences, click here.
  • DIAMOND-fainting spirituality, protection, reconciliation.
  • EMERALD-money, psychic talents, protection, exorcism.
  • GARNET-protection, strength, healing.
  • GEODES-astral travel.
  • HOLY STONES-protection, divination.
  • JADE-love, healing, long life, wisdom, prosperity.
  • JET-protection, good luck, divination ,magick.
  • LAPIS LAZULI-spiritual growth, courage, protection.
  • MALACHITE-power, business success, prosperity.
  • MOONSTONE-divination, developing psychic talents.
  • OBSIDIAN-grounding, divination.
  • ONYX-protection, defense.
  • PERIODOT-health, prosperity, sleep.
  • RUBY-wealth, power, protection.
  • SARD-thought to be more effective in women's magick.protection, courage, easing childbirth.
  • SUNSTONE-energy, protection, success.
  • TIGER'S EYE-money, protection, good luck, divination.
  • TOPAZ-money, love, healing, protection.
  • TOURMALINE-money, business success, friendship, courage, astral travel.
  • TURQUOISE-good luck, friendship, prosperity, love.
  • ZIRCON-sexual energy, love, peace.

Herb Magick

The following is a list of herbs and their notable mystical properties for use in spellwork acquired for this site by my former site partner:

  • AFRICAN VIOLET: spirituality,protection.
  • ALFALFA: prosperity, anti-hunger,money.
  • ALOE: protection, luck.
  • APPLE: love, healing, garden magick ,immortality.
  • APRICOT: love
  • BASIL: love, exorcism, wealth, flying (in airplanes), protection, strength.
  • BAY: protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength.
  • BEAN: protection, exorcism, wart charming, reconciliations, potency, love.
  • BLACKBERRY: healing, money, protection.
  • BLUEBERRY: protection.
  • BRAZIL NUT: love.
  • CABBAGE: luck.
  • CACTUS: protection, chastity.
  • CARAWAY: protection, lust, health, anti-theft, mental powers.
  • CARNATION: protection, strength, healing.
  • CAROB: protection, health.
  • CARROT: fertility, lust.
  • CASHEW: money, communication.
  • CATNIP: cat magick, love, beauty, happiness.
  • CEDAR: healing, purification, money, protection, stopping sexual harassment.
  • CELERY: mental powers, lust, psychic powers.
  • CHAMOMILE: money, sleep, love, purification.
  • CHERRY: love, divination, victory.
  • CHESNUT: love.
  • CINNAMON: spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, protection, love.
  • CLOVE: protection, exorcism, love, money.
  • COCONUT: water, purification, protection, chastity.
  • COLORED PENCILS: color magick.
  • CORIANDER: love, health, healing.
  • CORN: protection, luck, divination, money.
  • COTTON BALLS: luck, healing, protection, rain, fishing magick, communication.
  • COMPACT MIRROR: banish negativity.
  • CRAYONS: color magick.
  • CUCUMBER: chastity, healing, fertility.
  • CUMIN: anti-theft.
  • CURRY: protection.
  • DILL: protection, money, lust, love.
  • EGGS: healing, removing negativity, fertility.
  • ENDIVE: lust, love.
  • EUCALYPTUS: healing, protection.
  • FENNEL: protection, healing, purification.
  • FENUGREEK: money.
  • FERN: rain-making, protection, luck, riches, external youth, health, exorcism.
  • FIG: divination, fertility, love.
  • GARLIC: protection, healing, exorcism, lust, anti-theft, relief from nightmares.
  • GINGER: love, money, success, power.
  • GINSENG: love, wishes, healing, beauty, protection, lust.
  • GOURD: protecition.
  • GRAIN: protection.
  • GRAPE: fertility, garden magick, mental powers, money.
  • HOLLY: protection, anti-lightening, luck, dream magick.
  • HORSERADDISH: purification, exorcism.
  • LAVENDER: love, protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, purification, happiness, peace.
  • LEEK: love, protection, exorcism.
  • LEMON: longevity, purification ,love, friendship.
  • LETTUCE: chastity, protection, divinations of love, sleep.
  • LICORICE: lust, love, fidelity.
  • LIME: healing, love, protection.
  • MAPLE: love, longevity, money.
  • MARIGOLD: protection, friendship, dreams.
  • MARSHMALLOWS: healing, friendship.
  • MARJORAM: protection, love, happiness, health, money.
  • MAYONNAISE: prosperity,cleansing.
  • MINT: money, lust, healing, travel, exorcism, protection.
  • MISTLETOE: protection, love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism of negativity.
  • MOTHBALLS: stop sexual harrasment.
  • MUSTARD: fertility, protection, mental powers.
  • NUTMEG: luck, money, health, fidelity, relief from nightmares.
  • NUTS(MIXED): fertility, prosperity, love, luck, communication.
  • OATS: money.
  • OLIVE: healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection.
  • ONION: protection, exorcism, healing, money, prophetic dreams.
  • ORANGE: love, divination, luck, money.
  • PALM,DATE: fertility, potency.
  • PAPAYA: love, protection.
  • PARSLEY: lust, protection, purification.
  • PEA: money, love.
  • PEACH: love, exorcism of negativity, longevity, fertility, wishes.
  • PEAR: love.
  • PECAN: money, employment.
  • PEPPER: protection, exorcism of negativity.
  • PEPPERMINT: purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers.
  • PERSIMMON: healing, luck.
  • PIMENTO: love.
  • PINEAPPLE: luck, money, chastity.
  • PISTACHIO: breaking love spells.
  • PLUM: love, protection.
  • POMEGRANATE: divination, luck, wishes, wealth, fertility.
  • POPCORN: wishes, luck, prosperity.
  • POTATO: image magick, healing, separation.
  • PRETZELS: success, protection (note:pretzels must be whole,and designed with a knot.Straight pretzels will not work.)
  • RADISH: protection.
  • RASPBERRY: protection, love.
  • RHUBARB: protection, fidelity.
  • RICE: protection, rain, money, fertility.
  • ROSE: love, psychic powers, healing, love divination, luck, protection.
  • ROSEMARY: protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep, youth.
  • RYE: love, fidelity.
  • SARSAPARILLA: love, money.
  • SASSAFRAS: health, money.
  • SAVORY,SUMMER: mental powers.
  • SAFETY PINS: protection.
  • SESAME: money, lust.
  • SHOESTRINGS: cord and knot spells.
  • SPEARMINT: healing, love, mental powers.
  • STRAWBERRY: love ,luck.
  • SUGAR: love, lust, sympathy.
  • SUNFLOWER: fertility, wishes, health, wisdom.
  • TEA: riches, courage, strength, health.
  • THYME: health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification, courage.
  • TOBACCO: healing, purification.
  • TOMATO: prosperity, protection, love.
  • TUNA: prosperity, abundance.
  • TURNIP: protection, ending relationships.
  • VANILLA: love, lust, mental powers.
  • WALNUT: health, mental powers, infertility, wishes.
  • WHEAT: fertility, money.
  • WINTERGREEN: protection, healing.
  • WITCH HAZEL: protection, chastity.

This list is from the book Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf (Llewellyn Publications, 1998).


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