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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Ass-Donkey Totem

The donkey is an unsung hero that has often been misrepresented and misunderstood. They were first domesticated approximately 4,500 years ago and were considered to be a status symbol for there owners. Versatile and willing workers with a gentle intelligence donkeys have been known to live for 40 plus years.

Donkeys come in a variety of colors from gray to brown. Most have white muzzles, eye rings and light bellies. Some donkeys have a marking on their back that appears to be a cross, leg stripes are also seen. There are various myths and fables of how the donkey obtained the cross on his back. Some cultures believe that the donkey carried the Lord on his back and received its leg stripes from walking through the palm branches that were laid in his path in honor of the burden he was carrying. Other stories suggest the donkey was God sent and the Prophet was carried to the heavens on its back. The donkey embodies the qualities of perseverance and servitude. They are tireless workers with a strong dedication to spirit.

The characteristics of donkey are noted in those with this totem, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force and a willingness to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others. Helping others is a wonderful trait although taking on more than one can comfortably carry can lead to physical and emotional problems. Learning how to say no and being responsible for ones own well being is a life lesson.

Donkeys are not fond of change and often appear stubborn. If they deem something as dangerous, they simply won't do it. Its not because they are stubborn its because they respect their own intuitive senses. They are smart enough to know when they can or cant handle something and teach us how to honor and abide by our own personal knowing.

The donkey evolved in the desert. The rugged terrain in which they lived taught them how to move with caution.. When frightened the donkey would simply freeze or run a little way out of danger then stop and look at what startled them. They learned how to navigate their way out of difficult situations and as a result developed cunning and crafty survival skills. When donkey appears in our life it asks us to stop and look at what is challenging us and find a way to move forward safely.

The ears of the donkey are big and funnel like and can detect sounds from a far distance. Donkeys understand the messages each sound carries and teach us how to listen and awaken our clairaudient skills. This amazing animal is a master teacher. When it appears in your life it is asking you to awaken, develop or apply your own inherent gifts in one or more areas of your life.

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