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A Rainbow of Spirituality

Animal Totem Definitions

This is a "small" list when on considers all the animals that are out there.  The basic interpretations of these totems come from various sources including written and verbal native teachings and from the observations of the animals themselves. They include animals in the waking world and those animals who travel in the dream world. Note: I am in the process of adding a link at the end of each short description.  Click the link to see more about each animal totem.

Alligators - Primal energies of birth, motherhood, and initiation. Personal power through quiet, inner peace.  
For more on the alligator, click here.

Ant - Strength, endurance, efficiency, persistence, productivity, courage and community. Unconditional love. For more on the ant totem, click here.

Antelope - Knowledgeable action, speed, rapid growth, and grace.  
For more on the antelope totem, click here.

Armadillo - Boundaries, how to consciously define our emotional and physical boundaries. For more on the armadillo, click here.

Ass / Donkey - Wisdom and humanity. For much more on the ass/donkey, click here.

Badger - Aggressiveness, persistence, power of true strength. For more on the badger, click here.

Bat - Blood, rebirth, also navigation, teaches to "see" with your other perceptions rather than your eyes. Positive change.  For more on the bat totem, click here.

Bear - Introspection, mystery, strength, go within ourselves to find the answers you and others seek.  Often seen in the "cave or origins" in the dream life. Act with wisdom and love.  For more on the bear totem, click here.

Beaver - Builder, cooperation, alterations, building, shaping security, contentment, industry, action and balance.  Beaver is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems. For more on the beaver totem, click here.

Bee - Service, gathering and community.   For more on the Bumble Bee, click here.

Bird - All birds represent pieces of the fundamental principles of unity, freedom, community and soul flight. (see individual birds). For more on birds in general, click here.

Black Panther - Introspection, go within ourselves, hold power but yet be unseen.  For more on the panther totem, click here.

Blackbird - Understanding of the energies of Mother Nature.  For more on the blackbird totem, click here.

Blue Jay - Proper use of power. For more on the blue jay totem, click here.

Bluebird - Modesty, unassuming, confidence and happiness.  For more on the bluebird totem, click here.

Brown Bear - Caution, bravery, fairness, organization, curiosity and leadership.  For more on the Brown Bear totem, click here.

Buffalo - Prayer, abundance, practical wisdom, healing, good fortune. Hold energy until the right moment and create the best possible outcome. Buffalo is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the buffallo totem, click here.

Butterfly - Transformation. Courage to change, balance, evolution and how to experience joy. Slow down and let transformation take place.  For more on the butterfly totem, click here.

Canada Goose - Cooperative and communal behavior, never leave the weak behind.  For more on the Canadian Goose totem, click here.

Canary - Power of song and voice. Heightened sensitivity.  For more on the Canary totem, click here.

Cardinal - Renewed vitality through recognizing our importance. Employ self-respect, moderation and balance in all things.  For more on the Cardinal totem, click here.

Caribou - Travel and mobility.  For more on the Caribou totem, clilck here.

Cat - Wholeness, mindfulness, unity, meditation, independence, sensuality and Psychic vision. Natural healer and gain insight into the psyche.  For much more on the Cat totem, click here.

Catbird - Language and communication.  For more on the Catbird totem, click here.

Cheetah - Helps us to keep our eyes on our goals and to find the most direct way of achieving them. Do not waste time.  For more on the Cheetah totem, click here.

Chickadee - Cheerful expression of truth.  For more on the Chickadee totem, click here.

Chicken - Fertility and sacrifice. Observant, reflect first then speak or take action.  For more on the Chicken totem, click here.

Chimpanzee - Living in harmony. Simple ways of life that create joy.  For more on the Chimpanzee totem, click here.

Cock (aka Rooster) - Sexuality, watchfulness and resurrection. Optimism.  For more on the Cock/Rooster totem, click here.

Cougar / Mountain Lion - Initiative, speed, grace, territoriality, and mystery.  Balanced leadership, cunning and wit.  For more on the Cougar  totem, click here.

Cow - Maternal instinct to nurture and care for community. Fertility, wealth and fulfillment.  For  more on the Cow totem, click here.

Cowbird - Parent and child relationships. Resolving old issues.  For more on the Cowbird totem, click here.

Coyote - Trickster reminds us to laugh at ourselves and enforces Karmic Law.  What goes out, comes back. Coyote is a guide to one's path of truth. Coyote is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Coyote totem, click here.

Crane - Longevity and creation through focus. Expression of feminine energies. soar with energies on journey.  For more on the Crane totem, click here.

Creator - The Creator dances in all animals, minerals and plants and is a part of everything.  Synergy.

Crow - Teacher, keen insight, talent for mischief and truth.  For more on the Crow totem, click here.

Cuckoo - Heralding new fate, intuitive ability.  For more on the Cuckoo totem, click here.

Deer - Gentleness, sensitivity, grace, alertness, creativity, heart and spirit connections. Deer is one of the few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Deer totem, click here.

Dog - Loyalty, courage, unconditional love. Ability to put new plans into motion.  For more on the Dog totem, click here.

Dolphin - Breath of life.  Be in harmony with yourself, your surroundings and others. Breathing deep. Awakening energy.  For more on the Dolphin totem, click here.

Dove - Feminine energies of peace, maternity, prophecy and promise of the future. Protection on a spiritual level.  For more on the Dove totem, click here.

Dragon - Transformation, ritual, magick, related to Snake.  All dragons influence subconscious protection and healing through giving vitality, especially during sickness and confronting obstacles.  There are four kinds of dragons: Fire Dragon - Enthusiasm and courage; Air Dragon: Inspiration, insight; Earth Dragon: Grounding power, self-potential; Water Dragon: Inner Depth, compassion.  For much more on the Dragon totem, click here.

Dragonfly - Illusion and dreams.  Burst self-created illusions and limitations and find answers. Change through stilling emotions to shine forth blessings from Spirit.  For more on the Dragonfly totem, click here.

Duck - Female: mothering energy; Male: Coping with stress, emotional comfort and protection.  For more on the Duck totem, click here.

Eagle - Limitless, free, fearlessness, transcendence, clarity of vision and free of boundaries. Freedom to follow heart's desire.  For more on the Eagle totem, click here.

Earthworm - Learn about regeneration, stamina, self-healing, transformation and earth-healing.  For more on the Earthworm totem, click here.

Elephant - Commitment, mind power, physical strength, dedication and overcoming obstacles. Invokes patience when thinking of others.
For more on the Elephant totem, click here.

Elk - Stamina. This medicine teaches us the best use of our energy. To follow through until the end.  For more on the Elk totem, click here.

Falcon - Accuracy, rapid progress, restraint.  For more on the Falcon totem, click here.

Finch - energy of variety and multiplicity, increased potentials.  For more about the Finch totem, click here.

Firefly - Illumination, understanding the life force, continuity, wonder, power of light and darkness.  For more on the Firefly totem click here.

Fish - Illusive nature and true knowledge.  Good luck, spirituality, positive energy and sustenance.  For more on the Fish totem, click here.

Flicker - Rapid growth and trust, increased healing love, and new sensitivity of heart.  For more on the Flicker totem, click here.

Fox - Camouflage, stealth, observation, anticipate behavior in advance, cleverness and adaptability. Initiation of freedom.  For more on the Fox totem, click here.

Frog - Cleanse the negative forces away and replenishes the soul with positive force.  Leap happily. Frog teaches us that positive willpower generates life force. Great insight and depth of perception.  For more on the Frog totem, click here.

Gazelle - Teaches us that with awareness and skill, we can become comfortable in our own vulnerability.  For more on the Gazelle totem, click here.

Giraffe - Teaches us to view our lives in a way that is both grounded and expansive.  For more on the Giraffe totem, click here.

Goat - Tenacity and diligence.  For more on the Goat totem, click here.

Goldfinch - Awakening to the nature spirits, fairies, elves and devas.  For more on the Goldfinch totem, click here.

Goose - Call of the quest, travels to legendary places, safe return, love of home.  For more on the Goose totem, click here.

Gorilla - a confirmation that our endeavors are solid and steady. Teaches the importance of staying grounded in all situations; and to handle our responsibilities through the use of power and leadership rather than the abuse of physical strength upon the weak.  For more on the Gorilla totem, click here.

Grackle - Overcoming excess, dealing with emotions.  For more on the Grackle totem, click here.

Griffin (Griffon, Gryphon) - Magickal lion bird guardian of sacred arcane libraries.  It is said that no one can pass a Griffin if they are fearful, greedy, or have no self-confidence or they are refused entrance. It symbolizes a need to protect something powerful within by the use of fierce boundaries. A Griffin is related to the Foo Dogs who guard sacred temples in Eastern Asia.  For more on the Griffon totem, click here.

Grizzly Bear - Teaches stability, tenacity, healing, introspection, maturity and leadership.  Represents raw self-power, both destructive and constructive and the necessity of self-control.  Grizzly is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Grizzly Bear totem, click here.

Grouse - Completion, sacred spiral dance and fulfillment.  For more on the Grouse totem, click here.

Hawk - Be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. Also the messenger from the dream life. Honor and integrity.  For more on the Hawk totem, click here.

Hedgehog - Self-preservation.  For more on the Hedgehog totem, click here.

Heron/Egret - Aggressive self-determination and self-reliance.  For more on the Heron totem, click here.

Hippopotamus - Grounding ourselves so we can face and dissolve emotional issues.  For more on the Hippopotamus totem, click here.

Horse - Inner power through awareness, freedom, safe movement and surrender of the ego.  For more on the Horse totem, click here.

Hummingbird - Tireless joy, accomplishing the impossible, beauty and agility.  For more on the Hummingbird totem, click here.

Ibis - Single-mindedness and narrow-mindedness are two sides of the same coin.  For more on the Ibis totem, click here.

Jackal - Trickster, humor, stealer of fire.  Try to see humor in all things.  Laughter is one of the spices of life.  For more on the Jackel totem, click here.

Kestrel - Mental speed, agility, grace and control.  For more on the Kestrel totem, click here.

Kingfisher (Kookaburra) - New warmth, sunshine, prosperity and love.  For more on the Kingfisher totem, click here.

Kiwi Bird - Earth wisdom, the ability to sniff out the truth and the ability to give birth to large ideas. For more on the Kiwi totem, click here.

Leopard - Persistence in efforts. Respect, self-confidence and personal power. Leopard teaches us that we can overcome obstacles with patience and perseverance.  For more on the Leopard totem, click here.

Lion - Teach us to be strong and courageous even in the midst of trouble. Leadership, love and acceptance.  For more on the Lion totem, click here.

Lizard - Dreaming.  Lizard teaches us the importance of respecting and remembering our dreams as well as merging with the Earth staying balanced and grounded in spirit.  For more on the Lizard totem, click here.

Loon - Learn about mystery, transformation, fidelity and maneuverability from Loon.  For more on the Loon totem, click here.

Lynx - Teaches us that silence empowers concentration, subtlety, silence, secretiveness and elusiveness.  For more on the Lynx totem, click here.

Magpie - The proper use of intelligence, familiars and occult knowledge.  For more on the Magpie totem, click here.

Manatee - Serenity, gentleness and trust.  For more on the Manatee totem, click here.

Martin - Good luck, community peace and peaceful living energies.  For more on the Martin totem, click here.

Meadowlark - Cheerful journey inward, discovery of intuition and innate abilities.  For more on the Meadowlark totem, click here.

Mink - Inward focus, investigate true intentions. Mink teaches us the way forward through the clarity of conscious awareness.  For more on the Mink totem, click here.

Mockingbird - Finding your soul purpose and recognition of your innate abilities.  For more on the Mockingbird totem, click here.

Monkey - Awareness, playful, self-reliant and light-hearted. Freedom of spirit.  For more on the Monkey totem, click here.

Moose - Self-esteem, practical wisdom, joy of accomplishment, strength, spontaneity, and unpredictability.  For more on the Moose totem, click here.

Mountain Lion - Leadership, stand firm in our power, give direction and aid when needed.  For more on the Mountain Lion totem, click here.

Mouse - Scrutiny, reminds us not to overlook the obvious. Break away from conditioning.  For more on the Mouse totem, click here.

Nuthatch - Grounding of faith and higher wisdom.  For more on the Nuthatch totem, click here.

Opossum - Peaceful alternatives and deception. Opossum teaches us that wisdom is the journey within our hearts, what is there through the illusion of smoke.  For more on the Opossum totem, click here.

Oriole - Open doors to positive relationship with all members of nature realm.  For more on the Oriole totem, click here.

Ostrich - Becoming grounded.  For more on the Ostrich totem, click here.

Otter - Woman medicine, healing, sensuality, letting loose of boundaries and limits... just letting go. Endless love.  For more on the Otter totem, click here.

Owl - Learn about old wisdom, mystery, vision, magick, omens and vision in the night.  Insight. Feminine energies, intuition and awareness.  For more on the Owl totem, click here.

Parrot - Sunshine and color healing. Teaches power of light and color.  For more on the Parrot totem, click here.

Peacock - Resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness).  Beware of ego, be noble but humble.  For more on the Peacock totem, click here.

Pegasus - Inspirer of rising above difficulties. Teaches the importance of having quick and agile wisdom as well as humility and boundaries.  For more on the Pegasus totem, click here.

Pelican - Renewed buoyancy and unselfishness.  Do not be overcome by emotion.  For more on the Pelican totem, click here.

Penguin - Lucid dreaming and astral projection.  For more on the Penguin totem, click here.

Pheasant - Family fertility and sexuality.  For more on the Pheasant totem, click here.

Phoenix - Keeper of transformation and represents the cycle of death and rebirth through fire.  A Phoenix reminds us to have hope in the midst of despair and to flow with the seasons of events.  For more on the Phoenix totem, click here.

Pig - High intelligence, avoidance of addictive behavior.  For more on the Pig totem, click here.

Pigeon - Return to the love and security of home.  Very gentle and loving energy.  For more on the Pigeon totem, click here.

Porcupine - Self-protection, memory, security, innocence, and humility.  For more on the Porcupine totem, click here.

Quail - Group nourishment, protection, protectiveness and group harmony.  For more on the Quail totem, click here.

Rabbit - Fear.  Rabbit teaches us self-confidence and confronting our fears.  What we fear will persist and come to us to teach us to let it go.  Predators are nearby, so do not let fear guide you into the open. Magick and good luck.  For more on the Rabbit totem, click here.

Raccoon - Teaches you how to mask, disguise and transform yourself.  Put asleep the part of you that is not needed and awaken the aspect of yourself that is.  Represents the magick of dexterity and disguise, strategy from afar and moving in shadows to achieve the attainment of desires.  Raccoon is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Raccoon totem, click here.

Raven - Prophecy, clairvoyant vision, magick, mystery and exploring the unknown. In dreams, Raven warns of betrayal, disharmony and unhappiness. Gifts are courage and honor, as well as a defender of truth.  For more on the Raven totem, click here.

Red Hawk - Learn the lessons of awareness, insight, truth, adaptability, prayer and openness.  For more one the Red Hawk totem, click here.

Road Runner - Mental speed and agility.  For more on the Road Runner totem, click here.

Robin - Renew by letting go of the past, do not beat your breast.  Renewal of life and one's self.  For more on the Robin totem, click here.

Salamander - Get grounded in the present moment.  For more on the Salamander totem, click here.

Salmon - Teaches us trust, strength, determination, willpower, loyalty and tradition.  Salmon is one of the few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Salmon totem, click here.

Sandpiper - Quickness, foraging, and scavenging.  For more on the Sandpiper totem, click here.

Seagull - Observation, swift action, opportunity, carefree attitudes and versatility.  For more on the Seagull totem, click here.

Seal - Tapping sub-conscious.  The seal reminds us how to swim in our inner being for the answers.  For more on the Seal totem, click here.

Skunk - Self-respect, reputation, protection, secrecy.  The original "Walk your talk." Respect.  For more on the Skunk totem, click here.

Snake - Transmutation, rebirth and sacred spiral. Honor friends and respect enemies.  For more on the Snake totem, click here.

Sparrow - Awakening and triumph of common nobility.  Shows how to survive.  For more on the Sparrow totem, click here.

Spider - Weaving, hunting, creativity, balance, interconnectedness, artistry, kindness and industry.  For more on the Spider totem, click here.

Squirrel - Gathering, vulnerability, elusiveness.  Discarding the old, planning ahead, playfulness and trust.  For more on the Squirrel totem, click here.

Starling - Group behavior and etiquette.  Clear communication.  For more on the Starling totem, click here.

Stork - Birth and unspoken communication.  For more on the Stork totem, click here.

Sturgeon - Determination, teaching, leadership, knowledge and depth.  For more on the Sturgeon totem, click here.

Swallow - Protection and warmth for the home and proper perspective.  For more on the Swallow totem, click here.

Swan - Grace.  Be graceful and natural and not be something which you are not.  For more on the Swan totem, click here.

Swift - Speed and agility in the great quest.  Responding to opportunity.  For more on the Swift totem, click here.

Swisher - Awakening to the fairy realm.  For more on the Swisher totem, click here.

Thunderbird - Lessons in goodness, kindness, cleansing, healing and humility.  For more on the Thunderbird totem, click here.

Tiger - Stress and courage.  Be bold in the face of danger.  Caution, appropriate timing and stealth.   For more on the Tiger totem, click here.

Tortoise - Learned from Tortoise are ancient wisdom, experience, patience and endurance.  For more on the Tortoise totem, click here.

Turkey - Setting limits, appreciation, renewal, sharing blessings and harvest.  For more on the Turkey totem, click here.

Turtle - The mother Earth, longevity and creativeness.  The Turtle finds solution by being creative.  Turtle is one of the few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Turtle totem, click here.

Unicorn - Symbol of purity and innocence and the ability to make dreams come true. Also has the ability to restore broken spirits through gentle strength and trust.  For more on the Unicorn totem, click here.

Vulture - Purification, death and rebirth.  New vision and resolution of problems.  For more on the Vulture totem, click here.

Waxwing - Gentleness and courtesy.  For more on the Waxwing totem, click here.

Weasel - Stealth, seeing beneath the surface and supernatural power.  For more on the Weasel totem, click here.

Whale - Record keeper.  The whale teaches us to listen within and feel the heartbeat of the universe.  For more on the Whale totem, click here.

White Buffalo - Spirituality, selflessness, generosity, hope and ancient wisdom.  For more on the White Buffalo totem, click here.

Wolf - Eliminating weakness, commitment, family loyalty and teaching skill.  For more on the Wolf totem, click here.

Woodchuck (Groundhog) - Gathering, preparation, burrowing into the earth and power of cycle.  Woodchuck is one of a few life totems, once you have it, it travels with you for life, often in the presence of other totems.  For more on the Woodchuck totem, click here.

Woodpecker - The power of rhythm and determination.  Stimulates new rhythms.  For more on the Woodpecker totem, click here.

Wren - Resourcefulness and boldness.  For more on the Wren totem, click here.

Zebra - Power, alertness, community.  For more on the Zebra totem, click here.

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