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A Rainbow of Spirituality

The History of My Spirituality

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Personally, I have studied many different spiritual paths in the course of my life.

I was raised "Christian" in a very loose sense...no church was mandated...but basic Christian beliefs were taught.

As I grew older, I began to question the other practices I saw around me and began exploring.

I studied the Mormon faith for 18 months....

I got involved in Native American traditions and beliefs for well over two years with Chief Two Trees in Old Fort, North Carolina. This is where I learned different healing techniques and was certified as second degree Reiki healer. I participated in various Native American ceremonies. Received a vast influx of knowledge in the field of holistic medicine...herbs and minerals versus medical cures and cover ups. I had the opportunity to travel the Four Corners area of the United States and was able to learn and share with both the Navaho Elders and Hopi Elders. I spent over a year in Fairbanks, Alaska, and learned much from the Native Americans and Eskimos in this part of the world.

I became a practicing Wiccan for almost two years...and loved that...the worship of The Mother was wonderful and this probably left me feeling the most complete...however I encountered some problems that I misinterpreted, with a spell called Jacob's Ladder...and I dropped that path. In late 2003 I moved back into the Wiccan Path in many areas of my life and study. I am the High Priest of the coven "Pagan and Proud of it!"

I also studied with Jehovah's Witnesses for eight years and became an ordained minister with them...only to have problems with the condemnation of all other people that were not "them".

I studied the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism under Gurymayi Chidvilasanda for four years.

Currently, I am on my chosen path of what I refer to as Celtic Shamanic Wicca... a very eclectic mix for myself, that works well with Celtic traditions, Native American Traditions, and, of course Wicca. I do not see myself leaving this Path, as it has been my Path for several years now.

I read the cards, and use a deck called, The Well Worn Path.... a Wiccan Deck.

I now work, online, at various levels to teach, and to learn, and, of course, to share. I am always honored for questions sent my way. If you have any, please do not hesitate to send me an email. I will get back with you in a relatively short period of time.

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